CAD Technician Job Description:

A CAD (Computer aided drafting) Technician prepares detailed drawings, layouts, exhibits, topographical maps, and graphic representations of survey information & engineering designs by using computer software known as AutoCAD. Designs will relate to engineering projects such as water, sewer, paving and drainage systems. Technicians will create these technical plans by means of rough sketches, manufacturer’s specifications, codes or standards and mathematical calculations previously made by engineers and surveyors. Techs will use traditional drafting skills as well as computer skills to aide in the production of plan sets. Entry level CAD Tech’s will work under close supervision so that they may learn company standard practices as it applies to the industry. After much experience it is possible for the CAD technician to advance to the position of a designer which entails more judgment with less supervision.


A minimum of an Associates Degree or two year technical certification is required. Applicable previous experience in drafting within an engineering firm is preferred. Strong computer skills are required with a focus in AutoCAD or one of its civil engineering specific add-on packages such as Land Development Desktop, Civil Design or Civil 3D. An extensive knowledge of drafting techniques and the ability to prepare drawings and details is a necessity. CAD technicians will need a basic knowledge of procedures for production of design developments as well as Engineering planning, drafting, and detailing as well as knowledge of the National CADD Standards. Communication and problem-solving skills are very important as well.

Craig A. Smith & Associates prides itself in keeping its workforce educated and equipped to handle today's most challenging and rewarding tasks. CAS is utilizing the latest AutoCAD software (Civil3D 2008/2009), custom-built AutoCAD systems and functions, as well as some industry-first hardware including 3D laser scanning technologies. If you are interested in being part of one of South Florida's most advanced CAD teams, please contact our CAD Manager, Kerry Loggins, to arrange an interview.